16th Annual Memorial Showcase
Charles Hotel


Charles Hotel
509 Charles Street

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26 Oct 2019


18:30 - 23:00

16th Annual Memorial Showcase

Every year, the Perth Blues Club pays tribute to the many musicians and members who have passed on since the club was first formed.
This year we have lost four of our number: Gary Cox, Paul Gioia, Norma Kelly and Ron Parker.

Other past musicians and members we will be remembering are:
Tom Aamot ~ Sharea Bailey ~ Sean Blee ~ Charlie Brown ~ Daryl Chance ~ Glen ”Camsy” Cleaver ~ Raybelle Cook ~ Wayne Cressall ~ Tyson Feifar ~ Paul Felton ~ Rick Francas ~ Michelle Fox ~ Stan Gregory ~ Ken Hoskins ~ John “Hoss” Hossen ~ Martin Jenner ~ Libby Karaka ~ Judy Kash ~ Paul Kelly ~ Peter Loong ~ Debbee McDavitt ~ Matt O’Connor ~ Robert Patient Jnr ~ Baden Powell ~ “Raymondo” ~ Dave Rose ~ Syd Smith ~ “Smithy” ~ “Taipan”
John Villani ~ Mark Vine ~ Roscoe Wilson ~ Claire-Elise Manchesi-MacEnnan ~ Irene “Beth” McEwan ~ Sharon “Shaz” Campbell ~ John Bertina ~ Belinda Bawden ~ Gary Stoyles ~ Neil Smith ~ Graham Staples ~ Tony Bell ~ Jon Pitulej

Performing on the night are:

*Dave Hole
*Paul Daly & the Heavy Hitters
*The Vibrolators
*Bronnie Gordon
*Lee Sapho
*Rick Steele
*’Big’ Mal Skinner
*Geoff Eastwood
*Marc Gordon
*Darren Adair

Live music starts 6.30pm
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