Paul Daly and the Heavy Hitters
Charles Hotel


Charles Hotel
509 Charles Street

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30 Jul 2019


19:30 - 22:45


$20 (non-members), $10 (members)

Paul Daly and the Heavy Hitters

7.30pm The Sleepwalkers

Paul & John began playing together when Paul re-located to Australia with his family from the U.K. well over 25 years ago. Together they formed with Jeff Harrison the blues band Indigo Duck and toured extensively. As a side project they also formed Flying Kazbar Brothers. Now in 2019 rebadging themselves as The Sleepwalkers they are once again bringing acoustic based music to the forefront.

8.30pm Paul Daly and the Heavy Hitters

With a combined 200+ years of music performance credentials Paul Daly and the Heavy Hitters can rightfully claim to be one of the best Australian power R&B bands currently performing. If you like your R&B delivered with passion these guys are not to be missed! Dynamic frontman Paul Daly steers the Heavy Hitters through a remarkable range of Chicago Blues hits from Howling Wolf to Paul Butterfield which is also interspersed with a cluster of R&B originals. The band lineup features the exceptional musical skills of Ace Follington on drums, Roy Daniel on bass and Russell Smith on guitar and vocals. The musical virtuosity of each member of the Heavy Hitters brings a rich and powerful music feast to R&B lovers that is guaranteed to keep the audience boogying for the bands entire performance.

9.45pm Love Bites

Remember the good times? Well, they’re back. Stones flavoured R&B with a twist of rock’n’roll, a dash of blues and a splash of whatever that other ingredient is. Having long since forgotten their vague promise to deliver that fourth chord, they remain in that magical era when bands got up, kicked it around and just had a brilliant time playing a bunch of songs.

Doors open 7pm

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