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The Perth Blues Club

Come with us on a trip down memory lane. After much thought and much talking about it Rick Steele and Jeff Harrison made their dream reality. Read on to find out how it all happened.

the humble beginnings

It all started with an idea from Rick Steele and Jeff Harrison – the founding fathers of the Perth Blues Club. Then they paid sincere homage to the strong oral tradition of the Blues and talked about their idea so much that Margaret Harrison challenged them one day to either make it happen or to stop talking about a Blues club. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, so with the support of Alex Dixon Rick and Jeff quickly turned their plans into reality.

Slowly but surely the word about the Tuesday Blues sessions in the Charles Hotel got around and the attendance began to grow. In 1992 the Perth Blues Club was incorporated as a non-profit organisation. The gigs were rather jam sessions and quite informal but they were also a catalyst for many musical partnerships like “Bearfootin”, “Deja Blues” and “Indigo Duck”.

the growth spurt

In 1995 the jam sessions were turned into a professionally produced show for which musicians were booked and paid to perform. The club started contracting a PA hire company to provide a professional service with modern equipment.

The Perth Blues Club continues to grow and in 1996 Charlie Musslewhite was the first international act booked to perform to a sell-out crowd.

Eversince a steady stream of international and national Blues artists performed at our club, including Little Charlie and the Nightcats, Johnnie Johnson, Dave Hole, Corey Harris and Henry Butler, Bondi Cigars, Kristina Olsen, Jeff Lang, Lucky Oceans, Chain, James T, Ian Moss and many more.

The quality of these musicians and their appreciation by our audience has resulted in the Perth Blues Club gaining a reputation as the best in Australia and one of the best in the world.

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